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Is Online Backup Safe?

Security of our online backup solutions is treated as a total priority and it is impossible for your valuable information to fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel. Data is transferred in a compressed and encrypted state via a SSL connection to our three highly secure and replicated data centres. Every online backup account owner can limit access and restore to a predefined list of IP-addresses. read more about online security


An encryption key which you generate yourself is only known by you and will never be sent via the internet. If you lose your encryption key your backup will be lost forever! The content of your backup is absolutely unreadable to PerfectBackup staff despite the fact that we have access to the encrypted files stored at our online storage facilities.

Always keep your encryption key in a save place!

Without the encryption key NOBODY will be able to restore your backup. This includes all PerfectBackup staff!


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To establish the secure online internet connection PerfectBackup uses a SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). This protocol is similar to the one that banks use for online banking. Despite the fact that your data is transmitted via the internet it is impossible for people to intercept and read the content.

Datacentre ISO/IEC 27001:2005 + ISO 9001:2008 certified.

EvoSwitch has achieved ISO 27001:2005 status and ISO 9001:2008 certification, they are heavily protected against infiltration, fire and power outage. IS 9001:2008 is a recognised industry standard for benchmarking Information Security Management Systems within an organisation. Once achieved, 9001:2008 certification demonstrates PerfectBackup's formal, ongoing commitment to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of both customers and our own information from internal and external threat and identifies the organisation as a safe trading partner.

Online Data Storage

Your data is stored on highly secured servers in Datacentres located in London, Scotland and Haarlem. These online storage infrastructures can only be accessed by the highly professional PerfectBackup staff. Our servers are monitored and guarded 24-hours a day. As an extra precaution a copy of your data is replicated to all PerfectBackup online backup data centres at all times. Because our infrastructure is so resilient, secure and available, we are the only online backup providers to offer a £1,000,000 data restore guarantee and 99.999% service availability.


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