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You are without doubt the best IT company I have ever dealt with in 20 years of working in the industry. What sets you apart from the crowd is your reliability, attention to detail and simply superb customer service.

"Fantastic Online Backup Service"

I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am for the fantastic service I received from Perfect Backup when one of our clients servers went down last week and I had to restore data. I was blown away by your knowledge, not only of your own excellent product but of the Windows Server Operating System in general. It’s this kind of professionalism and eagerness to help, not to mention your great price, that sets you apart from the corporate faceless remote backup companies.
To say your remote backup services saved the day is an understatement. Recommending you to our client was the smartest business move I’ve made this year. I will continue to highly recommend you to all of my clients for their business-critical data.

Tape Backup Was Not Cost Effective

Adele Adams Associates is a company who offers health hygiene HACAP) training, solving the problems of those involved in the production and service of food. With only 35GB of business critical data the cost and time management required for tape backup was becoming prohibitive to their organisation. “Offsite backup from PerfectBackup has proved to be a resounding success as my backups are now fully automated and stored in a secure offsite environment. Should the worst happen I know we can be back online and fully operational within 24 hours. Our Exchange and SQL Databases are backed up twice a day no hassle. Thankyou PerfectBackup”

"The Backup Restore feature is so Quick and Easy ..."

Writing source code is the essence of my work as a language engineer.
If I lost that code, I'd simply be out of business. What's more, my applications are dynamic processes that are continually undergoing changes in response to customer demand for even better solutions.
PerfectBackup's software doesn't only ensure that my intellectual assets are always safe and only a click away in case that big disaster ever occurs. The icon in the system tray also gives me a handy way of making sure that changing versions of files are secured and logged throughout the day. I will often go back to a piece of code written a few days earlier. The Restore feature is so quick and easy that it's like restoring a set of files from another drive my our own LAN. And the web-based nature of their application means I can quickly get the latest versions on my PC's at our home in Spain without having to worry about taking memory sticks or CDs with me every time we go!
Terence Lewis, Language Engineer

"I needed a safe and robust system to back up my SQL and Exchange database servers"

"We are a Law firm based in the UK specialising in claiming compensation for accident victims.
It's a great service as far as I'm concerned with Perfectbackup who seem to be living up to their name. I needed a safe and robust system to back up my SQL and Exchange database servers and remote desktop computers and I didn't want to pay through the teeth for it. We need the best to ensure compliance with our governing bodies and insurance companies and I used a specialist IT consultant to find such a service. They came back to me with Perfectbackup. Easy to set up and easy to use when returning data. It's one less thing to worry about!"
Andrew Baldwin - Rapid Response Solicitors

"Online Backup good service for very little cost"

"We originally chose to test Perfectbackup because they offered an inexpensive service and a 100MB free trial. We set the system up to run on one of our Linux servers and started to use the client software to perform scheduled backups. We had a few glitches along the way but at every stage Perfectbackup responded to request for support e-mails promptly and with fixes that worked. After a successful test we have now subscribed to the full service and are backing up two servers on a nightly basis. Because of the ability to backup deltas on large files the backups are very quick even across a standard 512Kb ADSL. Performing restores is very simple and quick using the graphical interface which works very well.
Overall we have found this is a very good service for very little cost..."
Richard Bartholomew - London Chemicals & Resources Limited


PerfectBackup is looking for reliable resellers of our offsite backup solutions!

Does your company advise clients on backup related issues or offer IT services? Do you want to create market differentiators between you and your competitors? Do you wish to offer high quality margin rich products to your existing customers? If the answer to these questions is yes we would like to explore the possibilities of working with you as a partner. PerfectBackup is aiming to team up and create a long term partnerships with reliable IT resellers and Value Added Resellers who can offer our offsite backup services to their clients. We offer a range of interesting possibilities to our partners. If required, Partners can take complete control and create, maintain their clients directly through the portal. It's also possible to arrange a backup solution under your own company name. Please fill in the contact form if you would like to learn more about our partnership programs.
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