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Internet backup is essentially the simple task of backing up of your corporate data to a secure offsite storage environment. The difference between backing up via the internet and traditional backup solutions such as tape is that you do not need to purchase any specialized hardware or tape media. To ensure total data availability PerfectBackup internet based backup solutions uses proprietary hardware specially designed to securely store your data away from your current server infrastructure.

Our hardware is housed in a secure, air conditioned, fire proof data centre. For additional security your data is replicated to a second highly secure data centre ensuring you can always recover your data, regardless of disaster. Our data backup solutions do not use existing space on a current FTP, application or web server. As already stated, our server and storage infrastructures are purposely built and are exclusively used for internet backup. All data is encrypted to the same level used by your national bank before being transmitted. It will then be stored in the same encrypted state, waiting for recovery.

Only you have access to your data. As you may have guessed, PerfectBackup dooes not offer a simple data area where you can “dump your photos” or free space on your existing drive. We provide an Enterprise Class Internet Backup Solution to small to medium companies at an affordable price. Our backup software will run on all major operating systems, Windows XP, Server 2000, Server 2003, Linux, Novel, Solaris, MAC OS, AIX, HP-UX, SCO Unix to name a few.

We support major applications based on databases such as such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, MySQL and Oracle.

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