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Online Backup Software is of ultimate importance for protecting our digital existance. Using our backup software, an automatic backup of all your important files is made every day, without you having to invest time and money.

After installing our software, you select the files and/or folders with your most important data. You only have to set this up once, and you can change it later if you desire.

In the first run, the backup sotware will create a complete backup of the files you have selected. These files will be encrypted and compressed, and sent over a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to our servers.

From that time, the software will automatically create an (Incremental) backup. an incremental backup consists of only new and changed files. Using the backup software, you can automate the creation of new backups.

You will reveice a daily E-mail about new and changed files that have been uploaded to our servers. Even when the backup fails, and no data is received, an E-mail will be sent to you notifying you about a missed backup.

Out backup software also gives you the possibility to create local backups beside your online backup. You can change the frequency of the offline and online backup. The big advantage of this is that you don't have to download the complete backup over the internet, but off course that is available should the local drive / server fail.

PerfectBackup keeps your backup in 3 geographically separated datacenters, so there is always a copy or your backup available in case of calamities.


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