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PerfectBackup wins SME Best Choice Award Winmag

PerfectBackup had been awarded the ‘SME Best Choice Award’ from Winmag, a magazine about computers and communication technology. The price reflects the good performance of 2008, when we were awarded the "Well tested award". PerfectBackup is always on the move when it comes to innovation and expanding services and support.

We realize that small and medium size companies have different needs when it comes to backup up data. Thanks to our excellent service we can meet the needs of our "SME customers" said Winmag.

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Best Choice Award 

Computable most impressed by PerfectBackup

Recently there has been a major test where PerfectBackup received the first place, which we are honored to have received.

Perfectbackup customers are appreciating our fast and reliable service for a long time, and it's now confirmed again by the No. 1 rating.
In the article you can read that "In terms of performance we could not complain, Perfectbackup showed us the highest scores of all : an average back-up- and restorespeed of 12,3 MB/min and a  QFA of one second. Nobody beats this!"

All things considered, they were most impressed by PerfectBackup. If you want to try our backup solution for free, you can get a 30 day fully functional 20GB trail account trhough our website. If you have any questions or problems with installing that's no problem ! One of our skilled engineers can install and setup the software remotely.

Computable testwinnaar 

PerfectBackup scores good again in LAN Magazine test

PerfectBackup scores 'good' in LAN Magazine. Fast, userfriendly and environmentally conscious.
A 'phenomenal' speed of more then 12Mbps (the maximum download speed of the test environment), creating a disaster recovery in just over five minutes. In a test of seven online backup providers, conducted by the leading LAN-magazine, the speed of PerfectBackup stood out.

Lan Magazine Prestatiescore

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Winmag Pro: PerfectBackup Tested Good

For those who want to learn about the ease of creating an online backup is at the right place at PerfectBackup. Enter your information on PerfectBackup.nl and you get 20GB storage to try out the Perfect Backup. Download the PerfectBackup Manager 5.2, an excellent backupclient. New users create a backup profile that will be run every day. The backupprovider will mail you a daily report about the status of your backup, if it succeeded or failed, or maybe missed (when the PC has been turned of for instance).

The clear interface lets you create filters so you can leave certain files or filetypes out of the backup. The backups are saved encrypted and compressed in two different datacenters, and can only be read using your password and encryption key.

Handy: You can restore different versions of a file with incredible speed ! We tested the software on a Windows-laptop, but it can handle Windows Server, Mac OSX, Unix/Linux and other platformes.

Without additional costs, the software can handle Exchange Server, SQL Server, Lotus Notes, Oracle and Volume Shadow Copy (open files). Only a thorough Exchange Brick Level-backup kost £ 0,50 per mailbox per month extra.

WinMag Pro judgement: Tested Good

SME Tested Good Award

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