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Secure offsite backup, internet based backup and disaster recovery solutions from £15.00 per month. Online backup and offsite backup solutions for businesses, consumers and mobile workforce.

Do you realize that your business data which resides on your computer and server infrastructure is your most valuable asset and most SME companies move their data to secure offsite storage?
Most businesses have every intention of backing up their computer and server data every night. Sometimes they will even store data securely offsite on a regular basis... just in case. But are you actually one of those smart minded business owners?

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Without a 100% secure backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable. Imagine losing your data by means of theft, fire, flooding, virus, power cut or a technical malfunction. This would be a disaster! On such a moment a backup or offsite backup is of essential importance to your business.
70% Of Businesses That Suffer A Major Data Loss Are Out Of Business Within 18 Months Source: DTI

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PerfectBackup offers you the ease and assurance of internet backup. You will no longer have to invest anymore in expensive backup software, tapes, tapestreamers or time to make and check your (daily) backup.

With the online backup service from PerfectBackup your daily data backup is fully automated. Every day your data will be stored safely in a secure offsite datacenter from where you can access your data backup 24-hours a day, 7 days per week.
If you backup your data daily, have you tested a data restoration?
You can evaluate a 20GB online backup service completely free of charge for 30 days. Should you wish to purchase our product at a later date we are immediately able to migrate your trial account to an account of any size.
Just because you have a backup system in place it does not necessarily mean that you are properly backing up your data. If your data backups are lost with the very computer it was meant to backup, then you will have wasted every penny and every minute you have ever spent on data backups! Having your critical business data backed up every night offsite at two secure data centres is considerably better than just having one of your employees (our yourself) take it home in their purse or glove compartment from time to time.
Losing even a week of data can be devastating to any business and can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds!
You are only a few minutes away from a secure, simple and reliable backup solution!

If your business data were lost, how much time and money would you spend recovering it?

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